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WebScreen User Guide

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What Is WebScreen?


WebScreen is a highly flexible web filtering system designed and built for the UK education sector, fulfilling the requirement of the Department for Education’s statutory safeguarding guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ to offer ‘appropriate filtering’ – this is demonstrated by our self-certification to the UK Safer Internet Centre. WebScreen is the result of over a decade of development with input from educational authorities and individual schools.

The WebScreen Privacy Policy is accessible on the login page & here


Appropriate filtering in LGfL schools with WebScreen



With WebScreen, control is placed in the hands of schools & the system is highly flexible to help schools exercise as much filtering control as they wish. Schools have the option to create their own policies, or simply adopt the default filtering policies specially created by the service provider.


WebScreen filters in three different ways:

1. IP Based

By default, filtering policies are applied to IP subnets, so all computers on a school’s network are subject to the same rules. Exceptions can also be defined by IP address to deliver different policies to single or groups of IP addresses.

2. User Based

Policies can be set up based on user name, meaning it’s easy to set different privileges for different groups such as older or younger students or staff members. This can be based on USO and/or Active Directory accounts.

3. Time Based

Filtering can be tailored for different times of day, perhaps allowing for the use of ‘recreational’ browsing during the lunch break, but not during lesson time.


This guide contains information on WebScreen & the configuration of the system.  If you have any queries at any point, please do not hesitate to contact the AdEPT Education Support Team.


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